La Bayadere

La Bayadere variation. This is one of the shades variations.

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#12 pretty good!!!!
just make sure you keep your but in and square off your arabesque, your leg was a little out of the hip socket. But enjoy it smile more!!!!! Good Job!
#11 (:
i did this variation last year! you did awesome. try to look up and out and it will help you be more artistic in your movement and help you get up and down on those relives without dropping your leg!(:
#10 Yur on fire!
So, I think you could be the next principal at a pro. school, but, don't let your leg drop while doing you hops on pointe en arabesk. Super!
#9 Amazing dancer
fantastic!!! finish your pirouettes in passe, though. glue your pinky toe to the front of your knee.
#8 nice
I was wondering how old she is also. You have such potential and such confidence well done!

#7 very good!
A few little things: 1. hold your turnout on your runs at the beginning! 2. make sure you're getting all the way up on your shoes, especially on the last diagonal of releves. 3. keep your arabesque crossed behind you on the last diagonal (this camera angle doesn't let you hide anything) :) Beside those little details, great job!!! Your arms and turns are really exceptional!!!
#6 you rock!
you're such a great dancer, i wish i was as good as you! see you on the dance floor!
#5 Amazing!!!
Tatoom you were incredible!! you video will be first in no time great job!
#4 I love you!!!
Hi girl!!! I love you you are amazing!!! I am sooooooooooooo gonna vote for you!!!
#3 Good but hold
You're doing very well. But the thing I see is that you aren't keeping firm. YOu are very felixable so you let yourself go a little lose. Hold a little tighter and it's PERFECT!

#2 very very nice
beautiful, especially for an ad hoc studio session
#1 keep going!
beautiful dancer!! For what I see I can notice she's a really youg little girl. she has lot of mistakes but you're very youn, excellent work for a girl of your age. Keep on working!
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