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Karen Prunzik's Broadway Dance Company rehearses the opening number of "42nd Street" (original choreography. Average age is 9 years old.

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Event: Dance Spirit Future Star of the Month
Category: Tap
Keywords: tap, 42nd St, Broadway, original chorography group rehearsal
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Overall rating: 3.2
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#3 Cute
Nice job! Good synchronization!
#2 Review by a 10 year old
My son is 10, a tap dancer for 2 1/2 years, wanted to give this a 1. I, a tapper for 19+ years, gave it a 2. His words "they were doing wicked easy steps"... he summed up my thoughts perfectly - BUT 42nd Street Original Number, everyone in the world knows it, is a very simple routine. Just goes to show you how far the ART of Tap has come... BUT: For the choreography I say "Nice job girls"... (very sloppy at end tho)
#1 wow
how old are you guys?
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