Porcelain Heart

Porcelain Heart - lyrical small group I am the one who starts standing behind the bench with brown hair. PLEASE VOTE for it for dance spirit video of the month and comment!! thx so much for watching!!

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#3 thanks!!
thanks so much for your comments you guys!!! this is also on youtube... i thought i would tell you that.... just for know reason lol. thanks again for commenting!!
One, I love that song. and Two, That was beautiful!!! :) You girls were in unison most of the time, and you are all very talented. Good luck!
#1 Wow.
This is really....just wow. I luvvverz it. The music is great!the idea of the bench off to the side is great. it gives a sense of privacy. I personally think 75% of u had passion...there were a couple of people that really needed to get with the beat, and feel the music. overall fantastic. 5/5
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