Emily Tarallo- "Summertime" jazz solo Ms Showbiz and Ms Starpower 2007

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Overall rating: 3.2
Votes: 38
123 points


#13 Awesome
#12 Awesome!
that was amazing :) i loved it.
#11 flawless
talent and beautiful :)
#10 loveeee
i love it and i love you! your amazzzzing
#9 You are great!
Every single move that you did was so controlled. I was amazed at your talent. WOW :)

#8 Awsome
you are amazing! You are really pretty too
#7 wooohooo!
get in2it!
#6 biggest fan..
love it & youre soooo amazing
#5 quite beautiful... always- wouldn't expect anything less from you! Much love and good luck!!!
#4 ur my idol
that was soooooooooo good. i wish i could be that good. that was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

#3 lovee
amazeee =)
#2 Love It
This is my favorite. I never tire of watching you dance.
#1 Amazing....
Great Job Em.....
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