Cosmic Love

Hi, my name is Irina-Andreea Popa, I'm romanian, I'm 17 years old and I would love to learn this summer at Joffrey contemporary and jazz intensive from New York, because I think it would be an experience I would treasure for the rest of my life. I have went trough the ages to gymnastics(from kindergarden to primary school), ballet( one year during primary school) and then I had a break, I don't remember why exactly, and after i went to some intensives of street dance during 7th to 8th grade summer. When I reached high school I started to remember slowly why I liked ballet but it was pretty late to find some professional classes so I went to a lyrical class at Attitude Ballet Studio Romania. Then I did a few months of street dance again and after that I aimed straight for ballet. So now I'm doing ballet for a full year at Attitude Ballet Studio Romania, I went to summer classes and I even participated at the begining of summer show. The thing is I almost accepted that at my age I couldn't start doing it professionaly (in my country at least). Last summer I visited my aunt in Miami and we went to some Pilates Barre classes whom were taught by a former student of Joffery Ballet School, Dito Sudito. At the last class that I participated he asked me why don't I come there to study and I said it would be complicated because i stil have to finish high school and my family is in Romania( except my aunt), but then I thought that into the summer i could do it, and there is the finanical problem. So when I saw the contest I said that it's worth a shot. I hope you'll like the video.

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