Toe Tap - If My Friends Could See Me Now

Sam Virgilio toe tapping. These are custom made taps on the boxes (toe) of my pointe shoes. This is a somewhat forgotten style of dance that includes tap and pointe skills. ENJOY!

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#17 Tap sounds
It is a shame you cannot hear the tap sounds because of the music. This style of dance looks quite difficult but i enjoyed watching you perform and id love to see more of it.!
#16 How did you learn to toe tap?
How long have you been dancing? You look great!
#15 ToeTap
Great job Sam! Wow! I hope that you'r win and that it will also get peopl interested again, in toetap! Also that it not a new dance form; just forgotten. Thanks for the wonderful reminder!
#14 Amazing!
I am guessing that this is a lot harder then you make it look. What a great dance! Thanks for sharing it.
#13 Amazing!
Sam, you are fantastic to pick up this most difficult form of tap dancing so quickly! And such a beautiful costume and perfect execution. You're definitely going places on those most unique taps. Thanks for a total showstopper!

#12 How Classy!!!!
What a Beautiful Dancer!!!!!
#11 Yay Sam! ^^
She's the best ^^
#10 TOE TAP?!
WOW! What a cool dance! I have never seen anyone do this before. You are amazing!
#9 Wow!
Great job Sam! You are the best!
#8 Good Job!
Amazing job Sam! such beautiful lines, great performance!

#7 You Go Girl!
Great performance, beautiful dancer!
#6 Good Job !
That is neat...I have never seen tap pointe. Thanks.
#5 Great Proformance
Great job top proformance wonderful rutine ( Good Luck, keep up the good work ).
#4 Toe tap
What a wonderful proformance. Sam has grown into a talent and beautiful young woman. Great job!
#3 So cool!!
This is really cool Sam!! So fierce girl!!!

#2 Very Unique!
I have never heard of this type of dance but it looks awesome! You were really getting into your dancing! Good job!
#1 Tap sounds
You can't hear the tap sounds because of the way they overlayed the music on the dvd but trust me she is tapping on her toes.
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