Briana S - I Got Rhythm

Musical Theatre/Tap Solo

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Event: Dance Spirit Video of the Month
Category: Tap
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it's tapper120 again sorry about that i put u have good sounds and u also have good sounds 2. I meant to put u have good sounds and u also have good turns 2. Sorry about that again great job.
Briana u r a very good tapper I am one myself. U have very clean sounds ur sounds r very nice 2. It was a good idea to use that prop and dance on it. Thank you for letting me watch you ur amazing!!!!!!!!!
#8 Very Well Done!
Thats very cute and well done.....nice clean tap sound lovely costume and good prop use keep on dancing!
#7 awesome
you gave it great personality and your claps were very clear great job!
#6 Awesome!!!!!
Great personality, clear taps and great use of props! Excellent!!!!!

#5 totally great!!!!
you are a very talented girl!!! you have great clean taps and you will go very far and well with that!! keep up the great work!!!!
#4 Classic!
Very fun to watch...great costume and prop use!
#3 very good
That was very good.Also loved the costume!
#2 costume.
love the costume.
#1 Totally Amazing! : )
Hey this is just wonderful. your costume is beautiful. your taps are nice and clear. just an awesome routine! thank you for sharing!!!
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