"Set Fire To The Rain"

This is Elida's original choreography, set to one of her favorite songs.

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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 16
80 points


#4 Elida de Fazio
Fantastic and moving! What a gem of a dancer, skillful and passionate and with such refined technique and beautiful movements. Hope she wins!!!
#3 Elida De Fazio
Elida has a sense of her body in space that is unique. The care that she takes in every gestures show her artistic maturity at such young age. I can't wait to see more of her choreography and grace in dancing.
#2 Elida De Fazio
The beauty, the grace, the cleanliness, the precision, the clarity and elegance with which Elida moves is uncommon and shocking, especially for her young age. While seeing her dance I forgot about the music and the movements and only experienced integration and a sense of wholeness. It is rare to find a dancer like Elida. Thank you for this amazing gift. Edoardo
#1 Elida De Fazio
Elida's listening to the music is beautiful. Elida draws out the music in clean, whole-body gestures. Her choreography is simply, and age appropriate. She does not seem so much to be "making movements TO the music" as so many dancers do, as she seems to be interacting with something invisible, yet tactile. And at the best moments, the two are one.
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