Work Solo

Molly Hojnacki, age 13 choreographed by: Laura Standlick Dancing is my one true passion and I love it!

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Event: Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
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Keywords: jazz solo dance
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Overall rating: 4.4
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#15 Molly
Amazing and beautiful. You have so much energy and creativity. I love your no hands cartwheel. You definitely deserve this scholarship!!! xo Aunt Kim
#14 Fantastic!
I really enjoyed this routine. Keep up all the hard work!
#13 Wow!
Work it, girl!
#12 great moves!
so fun to watch!
#11 Whew!
I'm exhausted just from watching!

#10 Dazzling
Good Golly Miss Molly! You can move!
#9 work it
Work it sister!!!
#8 Love!
#7 Star
This girl is going to be a star. Just look at her! Gave her a well deserved 5
#6 5 talented
I can see a future in dance for this young lady, I give her a five, keep up the good work!

#5 Awesome
#4 Awesome doesn't say it all!
You are wonderful. I really enjoyed this
#3 Amazing!
This is fantastic! Great dancing :)
#2 Awesome
#1 Jazz solo
Great routine and a great dancer!
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