La Fille Mal Gardee

Serena Sovdsnes has been training with Claudia Rudolf Barrett at ballet tech ohio since the age of four. She placed third at the 2008 Youth America Grand Prix, competing against dancers from 26 countries.

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#14 sure lovely but.....
she is to young to be on pointe this is dangeros. that presure on the bones is very bad i would never let a child do that. but still she is a great dancer but not push her into poinetis
#13 lovely
I cant believe you are only ten years old you seem so confident on stage.
#12 :) argentinian opinion
i think you´ve got an amazing talent! you need to kip working to make it better :) you must study :) you are so grateee
#11 Too young
Very good but too young (L)?
#10 good job
beautiful feet!

#9 young
your to young to be en pointe youll get like artiritis...but your definatly strong enough to be en pointe
#8 Pointe shoes at 10?
Why is so much of the ballet world putting 9 and 10 year olds on pointe. Yes they may be strong enough. This girl is strong for 10. But the bones have not solidified enough for it to be safe. I understand that with my generation that the science wasn't known, but I just don't see it as excusable today.
#7 WOW!!!
I can't wait to see how well you dance in a few years, couldn't imagine it could get much better! For those who say sloppy, who are you comparing to? Show me another 10 year old who could do that! Way to go Serena!!!!!!!
#6 Beautiful Performance
You are a beautiful young dancer. Loved the turns!
#5 Amazing
You are a wonderful dancer, and to accomplish that dance at your age is astonishing. Great job!

#4 10 years old,wow!
You are fantastic for 10 years old! Your stage presence is amazing. Keep up the great dancing!
#3 Response to comments
Thanks for the comments. This video was from a performance in 2007, "Hot Summer Aronoff." She was ten years old at the time. To view more ballet tech ohio videos check out ballettechohio on YouTube and visit our website at
#2 sloppy
you need to turn out and work on your feet. your arms were also not very nice. they were to floppy.
#1 soso
sloppy arms fine dancing
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