Kira Seamon's SHOWER POWER (The Scrub Brush Dance)

Kira Seamon was a Guest Choreographer at one of Regional Dance America's National Choreography Intensives. It was called the Craft of Choreography Conference and ran for 2 weeks in the summer. A typical day saw her completing a morning session, an afternoon rehearsal and a Showing at night of her work. The assignment for this day was to create a 2 minute dance with "scrub brush" as the theme. That might seem like a restrictive and difficult topic for dance, but as you can see, Kira immediately used imagery to help her discover and create unusual movements for her dance. She imagined using her scrub brush to clean her shower and created a movement vocabulary during her morning session. Her afternoon rehearsal, where she choreographed the dance on the dancers, saw her taking inspiration from her morning session and then taking the concept very far afield into a completely new realm. She feels very honored to have been given what she considers the highest praise she could have received from her Director of Choreography. He told her that "he didn't recognize her in the work at all", and "would never have guessed the work was hers, if her didn't see her choreograph it himself during the afternoon". That was exactly the reason Kira applied and was thrilled to attend this Conference! She wanted to explore, discover and grow as a choreographer and she thrived on the challenges presented there. She feels her participation in the Conference was an invaluable part of her development as a choreographer and greatly helped in discovering her personal style and movement voice. This Instructional Video finds Kira commenting on her work and giving insight to the choreographic process. This is the 3rd Video in her "Raising the Barre" Instructional Video series.

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