Sadie Hawkins Dance 2013

Glad to know you're interested in experiencing my reality, hope you enjoy....... The initiation of my first project all started when my best friend introduced me to a artist/producer Nov 2013 and I had the opportunity to ask him to my Christmas Party. The Sadie Hawkins dance usually falls in Nov/Dec so timing was impeccable. My dance career up to this point has been pretty holistic so I was also considering putting my work on the internet. Then also after years of traveling, performing and experiencing the many avenues of a dance career, I had the opportunity to mold young minds through dance at a studio in northern Colorado. Aside from being able to be a mentor for the younger generation, I had the opportunity to record my work so I hired a team. The creation of this video started when my mind created the best love story in history- I decided to surprise my new boyfriend by asking him to my company Christmas Dance Party through making a dance video.......with a twist, this girl raps for the first time! Had to hire professionals to help me because I only know how to boogie and get down, I have never sang or rapped. I'm so happy the way the whole project turned out and I was able to portray the idea from a women's perspective. It can be a challenge being a humble lady while trying to make a decision or stance. I have a vision and my vision is this; to influence the world one video at a time. This story starts with true love, which has inspired me to share my positive energy with the universe. It is my passion to inspire, motivate, encourage, move, arouse, persuade, provoke and boost the younger generations. With Lucky13 by my side, Sadie Hawkins as my image, vision and message, I now understand my stars have aligned and my true calling is to express a message, never be scared. My expression is through dance and music. Timing is key. My heart and mind 100% in it, I want my students and followers to KNOW, without question or doubt, that the sky is the limit, not you, not anyone else. I found myself, limiting myself. You can truly do anything you set your mind to. I will build an empire worth leading forever and I know 2013 is my year to start. I also want young gals to experience women etiquette, morals, respect and the humbling confidence lifestyle that comes with expressing yourself through dance. To see the best love story in history unfold right before your eyes- STAY TUNED!!! Sadie Hawkins is releasing her 1st project Friday the 13th. Dance Videos 1) LOVE 2) FAITH 3) HOPE 4) COURAGE 5) STRENGTH 6) PEACE 7) HEALING 8) PASSION 9) FREEDOM 10) PATIENCE 11) UNDERSTANDING 12) BEAUTY 13) CONTEMPLATION Song: Conor Maynard Ft Ne-yo "Turn Around" Beatbox and rap lyrics by: Christian Will Videographer: Joe Gonzales- Not So Distant Production Photographer: Todd Clark- Todd Clark Photography Copy Editor: Lucy Brothers- Denver Earth Resources Library Hairstylist: Courtney Peters- Coco Marie Salon Makeup Artist: Daja Herrera- Daja Vu Makeup Artistry Fashion Designer: Ariel Brea- Model Choreographer: Sadie Richardson aka Sadie Hawkins Back-up Dancers: Brandi Tabaldo, Michelle Kim and Brayden Sandoval *** I OWN ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHTS TO THIS SONG*** *** NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED***

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