It Doesn't Hurt - Maxi Riley

Miss Regional Solo StarMaker 2013. Lyrical solo choreographed by Keithe Williams.

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Event: Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
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#27 Maxi Riley It Doesn't Hurt
What a beautiful dancer! Her technique and energy is wonderful
#26 Best of luck!
You have rockin' turns and legs!
#25 Best of luck!
You have rockin' turns and legs!
#24 Good job
I do not know you but you rock!
#23 It doesn't hurt
Great job I remember watching that dance at the recitals. I am so happy for you.

#22 Amazing Maxi
Maxi your are amazing, and soooo beautiful.. You have such pure natural talent..GREAT JOB!!!!
#21 Maxi Riley
Wow! Absolutely beautiful Maxi!
#20 Maxi Riley
Beautiful dance, beautiful song, beautiful young lady!
#19 Amazing
Beautiful dancer! Absolutely stunning and loved watching as always.
#18 Maxi Riley
Absolutely wonderful! You are so graceful!

#17 Beautiful
This is great Maxi! Absolutely Stunning!
#16 Maxi Riley - it doesn't hurt
Absolutely breathtaking!
#15 Maxi Riley
Maxi is a power house. She is beautiful woman, inside and out. Great job, girl!! REPRESENT!
#14 #13 It Doesn't Hurt - Maxi Riley
That was amazing. What a wonderful expression through dance. abddance
#13 It Doesn't Hurt - Maxi Riley
Excellent performance -- So proud of you as I know your parents are as well. Enjoyed the performance.

#12 Superb!
So many kids are into hip hop now a days and to see a young lady dancing lyrical as beautiful as this....well there's nothing to say but SUPERB!
#11 Wow!
That was beautiful
#10 Best dancer!
Beautiful dancer as well as a beautiful person!
#9 simply beautiful
Excellent performance, simply beautiful!!!
#8 Excellent!
I am so proud of you! Keep up the great work with your performance quality as well as your basics with your technical delivery! :)

#7 Maxi Riley
Simply stunning!
#6 OMG!
Maxi, you look fantastic! Definitely operating in you gift girl!
#5 #7
She was absolutely beautiful to watch. Fluid and graceful.
#4 Beautiful and fluid
Great job. Very well danced.
#3 Beautiful dancer
As always she does a great and beautiful job!

#2 Beautiful
What a beautiful and graceful dancer
#1 Dance
It was good
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