An anchor for each vessel

An anchor for each vessel constitutes boomerang’s first solo work, which explores the body’s relationship to the ground, to space, and its relationship to itself—ways in which the body anchors us to the earth and simultaneously functions as the vessel whereby we’re both tethered and free to navigate it. Davis’s energy oscillates between calm resignation and full-fledged, almost violent attempts of transcending himself, of unmooring the body that comprises his very capacity to move. Set to silence, sound rises and falls in space as an organic by-product of weight and breath. Body taps and pounds, hands cascade and silently deliver, each sound a discreet manifestation of the tension between confinement and release, like the muted grind of an anchor as it lugs and slips across the ocean floor. "These bodies are ours and are us, in the end, and their limits are our limits. We discover our physical forms again and again, and each discovery requires an acknowledgement of limits. Even from the start of the piece, Davis tried to move beyond the range of his neck, to race his feet toward his head, to fling his head off of its axis (with breath evoking such release I thought he might succeed)." ~Marty Kezon/writer

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