Alyssa Allen - Searching for Solace

Age: 16 Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh Studio: Westside Dance Project Director: Jessie Riley

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Event: Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: General
Keywords: cover model discount dance
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Overall rating: 4.6
Votes: 28
130 points


Alyssa wants to thank everyone who voted for her. Not sure when we hear who will be selected but if she isn't she appreciates the support and will enter again. xoxox
#4 Alyssa Allen
Yes, Alyssa you are a #5.
#3 Alyssa Allen
What an artistic young dancer, all her moves are danced to perfection. She seems to float from one move to another without the slightest interruption. She is one of the best dancers I have seen in many years. Alyssa, you are #1.
#2 Alyssa Allen
Her moves are so expressive and flawless. she is right on with motion and time.
#1 voting for Alyssa Allen
Her dance is beautiful and meaningful. her body movements are right on and very expressive. Her body landings were also exactly as should be. she was right on with music and motions
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