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Having worked in arts in education for the past six years, I have noticed a rise in rage like behavior amongst young Arican American males. These issues have to be addressed black male. Rage is very much prevalent! I feel that it is essential for me to create work spreading knowledge from my own personal experiences. This is my history and what inspires me is truth! I think back to an old saying the church folks used to say “The Lord works in mysterious ways” Maybe by educating and showing examples of “Black Male Rage” in non-violent settings we cannot contribute to the stereotype that continues to exist and not hide from it! I have researched and thought about the back lash from both sides of creating a work of this magnitude. I thought about how important it is to develop a clear intent when using “Black Male Rage”. There are so many forces set up to shame and isolate us. The last thing we as a people would want to do is shame and isolate ourselves!

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#2 Exceptional Art
The piece was exceptionally choreographed and enlightened me on a broad range of social issues.
#1 Stunning Work
I thought this piece was very intriguing. I could actually feel the anxiety, the claustrophobia while watching...yet it was an extremely beautiful piece. Great job!
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