Deanna Pearson and Logan Hillman, two of Akhmedova Ballet Academy's graduates in "Morgen". This piece was performed at their graduation performance in May 2013.

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#5 Deanna Pearson and Logan Hillman
What a performance! Thank you Dance Media for sharing this video. The music, the lighting, everything integrated so well with Ms. Pearson's and Mr. Hillman's performance. I was totally focused while watching. Once again, thank you for sharing.
#4 Morgen: Hillman and Pearson
Absolutely exquisite. Beautiful movement and feeling. A treat to watch.
#3 Morgen
#2 Logan Hillman and Deanna Pearson
Great duet. They are very talented dancers and show wonderful artistry. Logan Hillman and Deanna Pearson are now professional dancers with Staatsballet Berlin and Columbia Classical Ballet.
#1 Deanna Pearson and Logan Hillman
This was a breath taking duo, and great choice in music and in and out lighting. The two are very controlled and moved great together. I really enjoyed watching them they had a very synchronized way of moving with each other. Just beautiful.
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