Christopher Bruce's "Intimate Pages"

Jessica Collado and Ian Casady in "Intimate Pages", by Christopher Bruce. Mr. Bruce's Intimate Pages has its musical and thematic basis in the String Quartet No. 2 by the Czech composer Leoš Janáček. A victim of unrequited love, the composer wrote this delicate and finely crafted work in 1928, the last year of his life. For a little over a decade he had been corresponding with a young married woman he had met in 1917. The ballet conveys both the joy and the anguish expressed in the music. Intimate Pages features six dancers, and was first performed by England's Ballet Rambert in 1983. The work won acclaim from English reviewers. Writing in The London Times on Feb 18, 1984, dance critic John Percival observed: Christopher Bruce's Intimate Pages is at least the fourth ballet for a British company to Janáček's score (String Quartet No. 2), but much the deepest and most moving. Moving, actually, in both senses, because the strong emotions are achieved through dances of swift, powerful action based on a few clearly defined expressive motifs.

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