Breathless! by Chelsea Alfaro

17 year old, lyrical solo called Breathless by Chelsea performed at Star Systems Regionals in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Overall rating: 3.3
Votes: 16
53 points


#5 Good job
I think your technique is nice but I don't like the choreography to this song. I don't like this version of the song...
#4 Not sure
Amazing dancer...Amazing song...Not so amazing choreography
#3 Mixed
I really like your costume:)but some parts of the dance looked akward, some beautiful, some boring, watch your thumbs;) but you did good, keep trying!:-)
#2 love it!
you're wonderful and an inspiration to watch!
#1 Nice
You have a nice control of your body. The movement was wonderful. I don't know if this was just the nature of the dance competition, but I wish you didn't have a smile plastered on your face the whole time. You didn't need a fake smile and it distracted from the emotion you were presenting.
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