Annelise Ritacca - Hot Me With A Hot Note

Annelise Ritacca from Juliana's Academy of Dance in Michigan's jazz solo choreographed by Juliana Pirpinelli. Annelise is 10 years old. Annelise loves dancing at Juliana's and used to dance at Temecula Dance Company before she moved to Michigan. She has been lucky to have danced at 2 amazing studios and to have great friends at both.

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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 32
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#18 great
girly's got some talent for her age. she is very flexible and her turns are amazing for 10yrs old how long has she been dancing?
#17 Hot Note
Cute costume...Good job...
great job! i think you could stretch your feet a little more but nice hieght on your jumps. keep up the good work!!!
#15 love it
great job! keep on working hard. and just remember no matter how good you are there's always more stuff to work on! Beautiful little girl. CONGRATULATIONS from costa rica!
#14 GOOD JOBB!!!
wow you were GREAT!!!! you have really good technique and i loved watching you!!! :)

#13 What a joy to watch!!
There is definitely a "Future Star" in this little one!!
#12 Yes....She's 10....
She turns 11 in October 2008. Does she look older or younger???Anyway, Thanks : )
#11 Good
but 10 years old? not sure. Cute though!
#10 Pretty Good
I would work on that hamstring flexibility to improve those attempted leg extensions or next time leave them out, but other than that it was well done.
#9 cute!
she's got great stage presence! i like that the choreography wasn't totally bland and based on tricks: it actually had some style. good job!

you hit me with a really hot note!!! :] YOURE LEGS LOOK LONG.. HAHA
#7 Awesome
Awesome!! Thats my sister :)
#6 hot note - annelise
WAY TO GO ANNELISE!!!! Great little performer!!!!!
#5 WOW
You always WOW me!!!!!
#4 Hot Note - Annelise
Great choreography! Love the technique. A real pleasure to watch.

#3 Beautiful!
Absolutley wonderful!
#2 Hot Note - Annelise
Beautiful dancing with awesome technique!!!
#1 Great!
Such great technique! Love it!!
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