Take a hilarious gallop with award-winning dancer/choreographer/photographer Kira Seamon through her funniest video in her EN TOURNANT series! Kira knew she wanted to film "Super Spins Part 2", but she didn't know what form the video would take. She was trying out different turn movements when "lightning struck"! Check out the Footnote section at the end of the video to see literally the moment inspiration struck and Kira envisioned this finished product. She knew she would play with split-screen effects, speeding up, reversing, flipping the video upside down, adding sparkles, and basically anything else she could do to create a funny pairing of movement to this music, the William Tell Overture. This is one of her favorite pieces of music and she hopes you enjoy it as well. Thank you for watching!

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#2 Bach Ballerina!
Beautiful Bach ballet! PRETTY POINTE PIROUETTES Part 1
#1 The Collector's Set!
Don't forget to check out the other videos in my EN TOURNANT series! PRETTY POINTE PIROUETTES Part 1 (Check out clean triple turns and the Special Award I received from the judges for "Beautiful Turns".) Video features AWESOME music! POINTE PIROUETTES Part 2 (Check out the William Tell en pointe!) SUPER SPINS Part 1 is a whirlwind of activity that is part figure skater, part ballerina on a music box!
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