Wait for it...Wait for it...This video starts off slowly, but picks up speed until the turning is "dervishly fast". Award-winning dancer/choreographer/photographer Kira Seamon knew she wanted to create a "Super Spins" video to go with her EN TOURNANT video series, but she didn't know what form the "Super Spins" would take. The very first footage (which gives literal meaning to the term "motion blur"), shows Kira gently turning about in the studio, without musical accompainment. During that first clip, Kira actually had inspiration strike, and envisioned this final version of the video. This video's clips are in sequential order as she created them in the studio. This awesome Bach organ music came to her mind as a perfect foil for constant spinning. An avid photographer, Kira trys to look for the unusual angle or the unique effect for her photography. She intensified the turning effect by experimenting with focusing the camera only on her torso and upper body. As different arm position ideas came to her, she experimented with creating different effects, perhaps reminiscent of a figure skater. For the clip at the end of the video, with the dual image of her and her reflection, the image that came to her mind is that of a ballerina in a music box. (probably because of the quality of the music) This is one of her favorite pieces of music, and she hopes you enjoy it as well. Thank you for watching!

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