The Sperling sisters performing their National Championship winning performance!! 1st place Overall Thunderstruck Nationals Tap Title Award Winners Rainbow Connection Nationals

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Overall rating: 4.4
Votes: 11
48 points


#6 awesome
little girl in the red... you are my hero!!!!!!!!!
#5 wow
you guyes rocked! you were wicked aweosme! expecially the lil one
#4 Way to Go!
You go girls! You were all on time and great sounds!
#3 Nice effort....
Great job girls! For the most part it was clean and together, especially with the younger ones having less experience, you used footwork appropriate enough for all. I wish the older 2 would have done something extra/together and could have had much harder choreography in it... but overall it was really good!
#2 Awesome
I love that you did this a cappella and pulled it off.

#1 Nice!
You guys have clean sounds and really nice timing! Nice work! --Amanda Viereck
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