Celebrating all things "turn"! From triple pirouettes to fouettes, from saute de basque to chasse en tournant, this upbeat video has it all! Award-winning dancer/choreographer/photographer Kira Seamon's "turn highlights" video includes some of the most famous music in the Classical repertoire! Kira has been honored to have received grants from her local Cultural Council for her One-Woman concerts. Possessing an extensive musical knowledge, one of her concerts saw Kira combining her dance and choreography with her piano performance. A huge fan of the Classical/Baroque/Romantic Era musical repertoire, Kira sought to create humorous pairings between dance and music. (For example: pairing the Snow Scene from the Nutcracker with the "Ride of the Valkyries" music or the Waltz of the Flowers with "Saber Dance" music. And what would a funny video be without some of Lizst's humorous "Hungarian Rhapsody"? A fun Footnote section where Kira shares the Special Award she received for "Beautiful Turns" concludes the video. Thank you for watching!

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#2 William. Tell. Overture!!
Who knew you could have this much fun in the studio?
#1 The Collector's Set!
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