me doing pointe at my house

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#13 pointe shoes
You should really tie your pointe shoes tighter! They're very loose.
#12 ?
those look really loose, the ribbons and the shoe
#11 Practice
Roll through your feet more. and brush through your feet in tondu. Make sure you pointe your feet and lift up through your body. And practice!
#10 ribbons
you really need to tie your ribbons tighter or somethings gonna happen when you dance also they are sewn in the wrong place. good technique though
#9 new!
Are these new pointe shoes. If they are keep it up and try to roll through your feet. And WOW! You have a very high arch. Keep up the good work!

#8 p.s
also when you plie over the shoe, make sure your feet go over the box instead of coming back! :D
#7 roll!
rolling through your feet is really important when you get new pointe shoes because this helps break them in more and it makes your feet work harder and look prettier. a good thing to do is toe push up where you go on poine and then come down to demi pointe and pop back up on pointe again. do this for a long time and then that should loosen up the shoe a bit.
#6 your ribbons
your ribbons are tied wrong they should be alot tighter they should also be sewn on in a different place. having your shoes fit improperly can be very dangerous. please for your own sake get them fuitted properly, and have someone show you how to tie your ribbons
#5 Breaking in the shoe:
Bend your shoe through the demi-pointe!
#4 Ribbon posistion:
Bend the back cloth part of the pointe shoe onto the shank, with the sole of the shoe on facing down. You will see an angle or bend in the fabric. On the bottom part of the fold you created, sew the ribbons there, so that they touch the angle. I'll later post a video for you, it's hard to explain w/ out showing. With the ribbons and elastics sewn better, your pointe shoes will be more secure.

#3 Love your arch, don't like the fit
I love your arch, which is definitely apparent throughout the video, but think that yous should tie the ribbons a little tighter, they looked really loose. Also, at one pointe in the video, your pointe shoes seem to be too big. But as long as your foot doesn't slide as you go up to pointe, then i guess the fit is ok. Also the ribbosn and elastics are sewed on REALLY wrong!! The elastics should be an inch from the back, while the ribbons ...
#2 Rolling through your feet
Really roll through your feet! Go through quarter pointe, half pointe, 3/4 pointe and up to full pointe. Reverse on the way down. Keep working :-) <3 Rae
#1 please
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