Kira Seamon's Summertime (Funny Blooper Video!)

Funny Blooper version!! Kira's innovative concert format "Arias & Arabesques" mixes live opera singing with dance! Kira loves the music "Summertime" and created a number of versions of it over a span of 2 years. All of them are available to watch on Dancemedia by searching: This is a highly formal version in a concert setting with the live music and singing. The video is humerous as the lighting tech was experimenting with the different filters during her dance and that creates a lot of funny moments!...Other videos show a beautiful pas de deux version and additional solo versions that demonstrate her progression of choreographic ideas culminating in this video. Thank you for watching! :)

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Keywords: Kira Seamon, ballet, Arias & Arabesques, Summertime, performance dance
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