Skyscraper Grand Jete

Kira at age 17! This is Kira's first piece of choreography.One month after this performance, Kira attended the Joffrey Ballet School's Summer Intensive in NYC and subsequently moved to the city to continue training with other top teachers. Unfortunately, a torn hamstring sidelined her from dance for over 12 years. Happily, she fixed the scar tissue and has returned again to dance! She now performs her own choreography in her style she calls "SEA-MOVES Dance" (based on her last name Seamon). The ingredients for SEA-MOVES Dance are technique, creative movement dance, dance theatre and a few unique and innovative touches pertinent to the work. Inventive use of props and being highly interpretive of the music are the qualities that put the final polish on the works. Many examples of SEA-MOVES Dance can be found on Dancemedia by searching: http://dancemedia.com/search?query=Seamon Thank you for watching! :)

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#5 Ride in Verona 2019
Verona is located in the north Italy, it was founded by Roman in the internal meander of Adige river and with its two houndres years of history is one of the most important destination for everyone who loves literature,culture and history.Verona hostes many roman structures such as the Arena,Arco dei Gavi,Porta Borsari and Porta Leona. Morover medieval buildings as Castelvecchio,Arche Acaligere,Juliet’s House and Lamberti’s Tower contribute in creating a magic atmosphere; however the charm peak will be reached on Ponte Pietra with its wonderful landscape which give extra value to the city. Verona is easy to reach, not so far from Garda Lake (30 km), you need only to take one Atv Bus from Sirmione,Lazise;Bardolino,Malcesine,Peschiera,Riva del Garda,Brenzone,Torri del Benaco and Desenzano to come here and to enjoy our citysightseeingIn addition the train station is only 1 km aloof from the city center; also Villafranca airport is only 15 km distant. Moreover Verona offers a wide range of choices considering restaurants,bars and shops but you should try our ice cream from Gelateria Ponte Pietra and Savoia. Returning to our main theme, you can visit all Verona by walking or by bike, anyway the best way to appreciate Verona is by Segway to save your time and energy a two-wheeled self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle. Don’t lose this possibility. Verona Italy: Riding a Segway PT inside the second largest Roman city! From the perfect “Roman” warp of the streets, squares, walls and the Arena amphitheatre, to the pure “Romanic” and “Gothic” style of the beautiful churches and monuments you may visit during the tour. Let’s be ready to discover the most beautiful and interesting part of the city, the most ancient, facing south and cradled by a bend of the river. After we get to know our Segway PT, from viale Colonnello Galliano – parking and meeting point for the training – we reach Porta Palio and ride past the roundabout along the cycle path facing Porta/via Piccoli. Another easy cycle path leads us straight to Castelvecchio, a residence of Della Scala family, whose internal restoration is a marvellous example of contemporary architecture. Riding our Segway PT we cross the Della Scala bridge and pause in the park on the other bank of the river, to enjoy a view on the bridge and castle. Afterwards we cross corso Castelvecchio to get onto via Roma to reach piazza Bra and the Arena. Exciting moments of deep romanticism may be lived thanks to our Segway PT that will lead us until Giulietta’s House, in via Cappello. Mercato Vecchio’s court, Piazza dei Signori and Arche Scaligere will follow, until Santa Anastasia and piazza Erbe (Verona’s Roman forum). Tour proceeds Under the “portoni” of Corso and Porta Borsari (ancient collection point of the bishop’s duty) and back, on the stradone Porta Palio.
#4 Junket in Verona 2019
Il walk ha una durata di 2 ore e percorre il seguente itinerario: Portoni della Bra Verona Arena Castelvecchio Arco dei Gavi Porta Borsari Corso Porta Borsari Piazza delle Erbe Palazzo della Ragione Piazza dei Signori Arche Scaligere Chiesa Santa Anastasia Cattedrale Santa Maria Matricolare Ponte Pietra Casa di Giulietta Il trek della durata di un’ora, invece, non fa le tappe della Cattedrale Santa Maria Matricolare, Ponte Pietra e Teatro Romano. Segway Verona Tour propone un modo originale per visitare la storica citta sull'Adige. Il Segway e un veicolo elettrico, auto-bilanciante di facile utilizzo, ideale per famiglie, coppie, individui che vogliono visitare la citta da una nuova prospettiva, senza fatica e con l'accompagnamento di direct esperte. Segway Peregrination Verona: Eccomi qui davanti all'Arena con due ragazzi tedeschi alla scoperta di Verona sopra al Segway, un modo nuovo e dinamico di girare per la citta. Per avere informazioni su questo innovativo metodo per effettuare una visita a Verona clicca qui. https://www.regiondo.it/segway-historic-tour-in-verona https://www.getyourguide.com/verona-l389/verona-2-hour-segway-historic-tour-t68906/
#3 Creazione siti
See more of Verona’s essential landmarks in less time, and enjoy an entertaining way to get around, when you book a small-group Segway tour of the city. Numerous departure times are offered daily, and all safety equipment is provided. Following a brief training session, you’ll set off to discover the ancient Verona Arena, Juliet’s House, Castelvecchio, and more, all while learning about the city’s rich history from an accompanying audio guide. Read more about 2-Hour Segway Historic Tour in Verona 2019 - https://www.viator.com/tours/Verona/2-Hour-Segway-Historic-Tour-in-Verona/d945-39286P7?mcid=56757 A small-group tour lets you get up close and personal with the sights Segways, helmets, and a training session are all provided See more of Verona’s major landmarks in less time, and travel in comfort Learn more about the city and its long history from an audio tour Read more about 2-Hour Segway Historic Tour in Verona 2019 - https://www.viator.com/tours/Verona/2-Hour-Segway-Historic-Tour-in-Verona/d945-39286P7?mcid=56757
I created an entertaining series of "TURN Highlights" videos named: EN TOURNANT! I am celebrating all things "turn"! Don't forget to check out these videos in my EN TOURNANT series! SUPER SPINS Part 1 is a whirlwind of activity that is part figure skater, part ballerina on a music box! http://dancemedia.com/v/8700 ...SUPER SPINS Part 2 (Hilarious spinning to William Tell Overture! Extremely funny dvd design & editing!) http://dancemedia.com/v/8702
I created an entertaining series of "TURN Highlights" videos named: EN TOURNANT! I am celebrating all things "turn"! Don't forget to check out these videos in my EN TOURNANT series! PRETTY POINTE PIROUETTES Part 1 (Check out clean triple turns and the Special Award I received from the judges for "Beautiful Turns".) Video features AWESOME music! http://dancemedia.com/v/8696...PRETTY POINTE PIROUETTES Part 2 (Check out the William Tell en pointe!) http://dancemedia.com/v/8698
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