Do your thing - Tap Solo

Hall of Fame Nationals - Orlando 2008. my tap solo.

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#5 Good!!!
#4 fabulous
great job! but if you got a pretty costume and some more arm movements it would be FABULOUS!
#3 good
just like the others said.. you have wonderful feet. just study the pros. watch how the rhythm tappers use their whole bodies. your doing the rhythm style with your feet, but more of a "showgirl" type stiffness going on with your arms. But once again, fabulous feet! =]
#2 Good Feet
Your feet were wonderful to the ears! The problem is the rest of you. As dancers we have to remeber to use our whole bodies. Try to relax even though it's hard. I tell my tap classes to things: 1- dont think, just dance 2- would it look the same if no one could see your face.
#1 nice
Okay sweetie, here’s my critique…you have extremely stiff arms You need to loosen them up a bit and feel the music. Your whole upper body just needs to let go and get into it! know what I mean? From the waist down, you’re fantastic! Great rhythms, clean sounds. Overall a very nice routine. Keep at it!
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