A Dancing Journey in Jazz

Helsinki Traditional Jazz Dance Company presents: A Dancing Journey in Jazz A short film by Jirina Alanko Dancers: Clyde Wilder Malin Grahn Anni Laanti Fiona Timantti Nina Ödner Serena Chan

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Keywords: jazz, tap, charleston, blues, traditional, chorus girls, swing, lindy hop, shim sham
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#1 What is that video about?
When looking at the video, I have to ask from myself, how people has no criticism what they put into the net. What is that video really about? Dancers involved has no kind of rhythm and their dance language is so clumsy that you really has to ask from yourself: are those people serious? I showed this video to a Old Timer, who just laughed. The video is a good joke, but I guess that those dancers involved have tried to be serious. Anyway they should first really learn how to make a good show...
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