'...Every Woman'

This was created for a Dance & Camera Class where I chose to create my project on a piece of writing I came across on Women's Day. The goal was to stay away from using any fancy video or sound effects and just use the text and moving bodies in everyday spaces to create the juxtaposing yet innately tangled feelings of celebration and mourning the text evokes. This project also comes from my continued interest in using art for social change. I see this work-in-progress as a beginning of sorts, to many things. Having said that, enjoy!

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#5 Thought provoking
creative & thought provoking.
#4 Every Woman
Beautifully done!
#3 Every Woman
This was very moving. It reminds me of something I did with the Leah Stein Dance Company in high school. Art in the Open.
#2 Every Woman
This video is dynamic, beautiful and has a strong clear message!!!
#1 Every Woman
A powerful expression. Inspiring.
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