Erik Saradpon presents BEAUTIFUL

choreography by Erik Saradpon 619 972 1324

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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 32
156 points


#18 Beautiful
Amazing job guys!! This is entertaining and so much fun to watch. Keep up the great work and I would love to see more from Erik and his group of dancers.
#17 Beautiful
Great performance everyone! We love you Zach M.
#16 Beautiful
I love watching this video. Such talented boys and great choreography. Very entertaining.
#15 Beautiful
Amazing! Love watching this number! Super entertaining, Amazing choreography and Awesome dancing!
#14 Beautiful
Now that's what I call ENTERTAINMENT!!'! So fun to watch. Talent all around!

#13 Beautiful
Love watching this video...never gets old! Great choreography and amazing dancers!
#12 Beautiful
Amazing work as always.
#11 Beautiful
Very entertaining! Awesome video!
#10 Beautiful
Such talent from these guys! Amazing personality shown & such a fun dance style, not to mention just pure pure talent!
#9 Beautiful
Awesome video and very talented boys!

#8 Beautiful
#7 Beautiful
I could watch "Beautiful" over and over again!
#6 Beautiful
Great job Erik and Boys!
#5 Beautiful
Awesome job... A very talented group. Would love to see more of these guys!
#4 Beautiful
AWESOME!!!This performance is full of extreme talent and choreography and one of the best perfomances to watch!!! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE watching this!

#3 Beautiful
Great job Erik and boys!!
#2 Beautiful
Amazing!!! So much fun to watch! Great choreography, amazing dancing, and so much personality I love this performance!!!
#1 Beautiful
The young men dancing are talented dancers! Erik is an amazing choreographer!
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