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This piece choreographed by Matina Semigiatos deal with the pain and struggles of dealing with breast cancer. Dancers will take you into their emotional journey in a beautiful and touching way.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2013
Category: Dance Team
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#17 Vspac
So Painful yet beautiful.
#16 vSPAC
#15 Beautiful
What a dramatic choreography and performance. Never expected less from you. Bravo Matina!!! Send you my admiration and love. Galina Desyatnik
#14 Vspac dance
Just beautiful! Bravo matina!!
#13 Vspac dance
Just beautiful! Bravo matina!!

#12 Beautiful!!
This piece is touching and the dancers are committed to their performance; beautifully choreographed!!
#11 Deep and emotional
This performance represents great talent from the choreography to the dancers. They were able to express the deep emotional pain this disease has caused so many women and families. It was artistic and touching... Hope and prayers to all those who are fighting this devastating disease.
#10 1 of 8 (Pointe Team VSPAC)
Choreography is so well thought out, such precision. The dancers are so expressive. You definitely feel their pain. Fabulous!! Bravo Matina and girls.
#9 1-8
Beautiful! Dancers executed movement and feelings of story! Well done! Touching!
#8 1 of 8
Powerful and brilliant!!!! Choreography is extremely technical while still keeping true to the passion of the piece!!!

#7 Amazing!!!
Beautiful and Talented Dancers...Amazing Choreography!!! Bravo Matina and VSPAC Pointe Team for this emotional dance routine. I hope and pray that a cure will be found in their lifetime for this horrible disease; this way they can share their love of DANCE to their children!!! *grab a few will need them as you watch this performance...WOW
#6 amazing!
absolutely stunning piece!
#5 wow
So touching; beautiful piece......
#4 !!!!
#3 Bravo
Thanks for choreographing this beautiful piece of art.

#2 Beautiful
Touching, beautiful, just brilliant.
#1 Video Team VSPAC
What a wonderful video !!!
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