"ascent" is a piece dedicated to the community of Newtown, CT this piece is about the families who got their children ready for school that day. this piece is about the sadness an entire nation felt. this piece is about a community picking up the pieces. this piece is for everyone who ever wished to have one last moment with their loved ones.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2013
Category: General
Keywords: chris gonzalez la corte
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Overall rating: 5.0
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#20 where to begin...
beautiful choreography & artistic vision. such an incredibly talented individual with a choreographic vision that should be shared with the world. the potential for wild and wonderful success seeps from this artist!
#19 captivating
this emotions and movement in this piece are truly captivating.
#18 ascent
Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2013 This IS the one! Look no further.
#17 Lovely
Enchanting !!!!!
#16 Moving
This piece is one worth being seen on a national stage! Amazing piece you have a bright future!

#15 Ascent!
AB FAB! Beautiful and striking memorial to those families...God bless them!
#14 This is it.
This piece holds you until the end- definitely needs to be set on a national stage!
#13 amazing
#12 amazing
#11 Hey
Great Job

Hope this piece makes it through
#9 lovely
great piece
#8 WOW
#7 Amazing
Thanks Chris for such a wonderful piece! It was great to be a dancer and sharing these stories!
#6 ascent
Very proud of your work as a choreagrapher and the talented dancers interpreting your emotions. Beautiful work!

#5 Absolutely incredible
This piece was so wonderful watch; thank you for making this, Chris!
#4 Favorite!
So inspirational an beautiful!
#3 Beautiful
The emotions are overwhelming. Loved the piece.
#2 lovely
best piece i've seen! love the music
#1 Awesome!
I saw this piece live and it was a step above any other I have ever seen. Truly a sight to behold!
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