Choreography: Mandy Rae Richards Arroyo This piece tells the story of everyone's individual journey, and the struggles and tenacity it takes to accomplish your dreams. However, no one can get there alone. It takes the help of a few along the way to keep you winding down the path of life and in the end not everyone can not walk the same path, nor will they all achieve their goals

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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 155
756 points


#41 Cool dance !!
This choreographer is amazing. I cannot believe one person can create such great art using movement. The dancers are beautiful and execute the piece in the most honorable. I'm hope every person on earth sees this dance !
#40 Dance
This is amazing
#39 Jeanna
Jeanna is da best
#38 So fascinating
Wowzah, that was beau-tiful!
#37 Mandy is my favorite teacher!!
The fluidity and unity in this piece captivates the audience and brings tears to my eyes. Beautiful.

#36 My lanta
My beauty is undefined.
#35 Beautiful!
I love it!!
#34 It awesome!!
Omg! This is perfect!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
#33 Rockin!!
#32 Awesome!
I loved it :D <3

#31 Stunned!
This was an enchanting preformance!
I've been involved in dace for almost 23 years, and I am in love with this preformance!
#29 Wow!
The dancers ability, and guidence compleatly out wigh the poor camera quality. - A sure bet to win!
This was a really touching vid! They were coached so well!!
#27 Dance
This is such a beautiful and emotionally inspiring piece.

#26 amazing
this was a truly life-inspiring piece of work. I will continue on with this new-found knowledge that I have acquired through numerous viewings of this art piece. Carry on hpootp83
#25 Dance
This is amazing! Perfection :)
#24 Inspirational
What a beautiful piece!!!
#23 WOW
Best piece I have ever seen!
#22 Beautiful
Such an artistic piece. Makes me want to dance again.

#21 Perseverance
Truly a inspirational piece! Loved every minute!
#20 Dance
GO MANDY! I'm different
#19 This rocks
#18 Daaanng
Looks like you woke up in a new Bugatti
#17 the best
I LOVE this!

#16 Awesome
Hands down the best!
#15 Good dancing
I really thought that was goo good job it was creative
#14 Wow!
Amazing! This truly is beautiful
#13 Dancing
#12 #9
Truly inspiring

#11 Wiggle Wham!!!!
Wonderful dance baby doll!!! You put the bang boom in zam bunga!!!
#10 Dance
Love it
#9 Yay!!!
Awesome sauce
#8 Amazing!
So well done! I love it! Go Mandy!
#7 Good job
Go Mrs Richards!

#6 #1
UR DA BEST MANDY!! #winners #urock #sogood
#5 you're number one
#4 nothing
#3 The Best
Mandy - your choreo is always tops!
#2 fierce
amazballs! great job

#1 Perseverance
May this company proper! The theme and the dancers are aligned; but there are technical quirks to this video that keep the video from being superb. One "quirk," the tilted camera, is both a benefit and a liability to the work--it helps enhance the "struggle" that is presented. Alas, the theatre was likely not tilted, and the audience did not see it in this manner. I suggest taking this choreography to a TV studio setting, where a tilted camera might really make the choreography work well.
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