Water: The Essence of Life

This choreography is about the importance of water in our daily lives. Yes, we all know that we need water to survive but we seem as Americans to take advantage of how easy it is to get clean drinking water, we seem to forget that in third world countries clean water is a hard commodity to find. I spent months researching foreign countries and their water problems and how it is becoming a global issue. I put my research on my student, Celina Labat, and this is how it turned out. Hope you Enjoy!!!!

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Keywords: Celina Labat, Drue Williams
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Overall rating: 5.0
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#5 Breathtaking
This is a beautiful piece. The choreographer and dancer should be proud. It's captivating.
#4 WOW!
Blown away by the choreography and concept!
#3 Amazing
Amazing dancer and choreographer. Very unique.
#2 please win
amazing. this choreography is very delicate and beautifully done.
#1 beautiful
This choreography is thoughtful and beautiful. Drue and Celina are awesome.
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