"Bottom of the River" - Kristin McQuaid Choreography

My "Bottom of the River" piece is about a life lived in sin. The piece opens on a girl, sitting at a vanity staring at herself, as if looking at her entire life in the mirror. The girl becomes handcuffed when she realizes that she can not escape from the immoral life she is living. The other dancer's, who are handcuffed as well, represent those who have already been taken over by their own sins. The piece as a whole tells a story of how many humans choose to live a life of sin, addiction, and imperfection. Even though the girl in this piece knows what she is committing is wrong, this is the only way she knows how to live her life. The piece comes to an end when the dancer sits back at the vanity. As she gazes into the mirror, she realizes that her reflection is no longer there. The nothingness staring back at her represents the fact that she will never defeat the sin that lies before her, living her life in weakness and immorality.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2013
Category: General
Keywords: Kristin McQuaid ACE awards Kelly Dankbar Kayla Radomski so you think you can dance
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