The Body - A Short Dance Film

The Body is a cinematic study of a dancer's musculature and fundamental body mechanics.

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Keywords: body dance mechanics kazimir kolesnik minna tervamäki eero heinonen
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Overall rating: 5.0
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#20 human body is art
Nice job!
#19 The Body
Excellent work, Brilliant. Well done Kaz, Liz
#18 Very artistic
Great viewing !!!
#17 brill
Well done kaz Jemma
#16 great!
amazing work kaz (:

#15 Amazing!
Great work Kazimir Kolesnik!!
#14 Excellent
Great piece of work, well done.
Fab job! Peerie Kazimir!
#12 The Body
I find it very beautiful, like a dream or a poem, very lyrical. Yet there is something unyielding and almost regretful about it, as though we are prisoners of our body, without our consent.
#11 The Body
Not a pretty one yet very striking

#10 the body
a most unusual and lovely film
#9 The Body
total commitment to an art form.
#8 The Body
Sensuell ! Looking at this video, I feel all dancer's moves on my skin.
#7 The Body
Mr. Kolsnik offers true art with his work, The Body. It is a fascinating study of separate body parts ultimately melding together to create beautiful expression through balletic motion. This work deserves the highest marks!
#6 Beautiful
A Great Piece of Art!

#5 video
breathtaking and amazing combination captured on film!
#4 The body -a short dance film
Fantastic viewing
#3 Superb
The best video of the three, and by far the best dancing and choreography. I m probably being dumb, but how do I vote for it on an iPad?
#2 go body go dance
an inspirational warm up to the delicacies of muscle and spirit... go body...go dance...
#1 The b
Pure art
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