A dancer's improvisation to one of her favorite songs. It was entertaining watching families and other people at the park stopping and sitting to watch! "You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart!"

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Overall rating: 4.7
Votes: 48
227 points


#34 !!!
you are such a beautiful dancer! ~Kassandre Renee www.TinyDancer211.webs.com
#33 Beauty and grace
This was such a beautiful piece and you were so graceful!
#32 Amazing Dancing
My daughter Courtney Loved the dance and was jumping around in the room!!!
#31 Yellow Interpretation
Beautiful job of capturing the composition with the sun and surrounding nature. Effortless!
#30 i swam across...
and voted 5 for you.

#29 At one with nature!
What a feeling of being at one with nature: beautiful and full of expression. You definitely get my vote!
#28 you can dance
wonderful video! Hope you win this month!
#27 great
beautiful & graceful dancer-ecellent choreography, lovelly.
#26 A wee gem
Really beautiful, so elegant.
#25 Yellow Rose
"... and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance ..." I'm glad you choose to dance, whenever and wherever the music moves you.

#24 great work
lovely dancer
#23 vid
good technique; very clean
#22 yellow
yes for the cover!!
#21 amazing
very graceful
#20 Loved it cuz
great execution.:)

#19 great
great job
#18 yellow
your hot
#17 great dancer
#16 red dress
#15 dance
you got dance spirit

#14 i like your style
very classy
#13 video
i love this too!!! you have graceful arms/lines
#12 yellow video
Were you in New York this Summer? I think I've seen you in some classes
#11 video
like this vid
#10 love love love
this is dancing

#9 yellow
i want to dance like that!!!!
#8 neat
prety feet
#7 wOw
where was this filmed?
#6 so pretty
pretty lines
#5 the colors shine for you!
and they were all yellow... great job

#4 I love this!
really like the song and the dance and the place and the camera work... cool!
You are such a pretty dancer.... & I love your quote!! : )
#2 fantastic
i love the way you dance its so beautifull!!
#1 Yellow
Beautifully done! Wonderful music, excellent choreography, expertly performed, super video composition, balanced theme and delivery, very engaging.
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