Lost /lôst/; Unable to find someone's way. What if two halves of the same soul were to long for two different worlds? These worlds pull with equal force and equal attainability. An equal distance. The physical being lies in limbo; floating in the negative space... torn and crushed by time and decision. Like the constant battle of the mind and the heart. Choreography: Andrea Viola

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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 118
573 points


#24 Lost
Amazing choreo!!! Great job!!
#23 Lost
#22 lost
#21 Lost
So magical........you feel every movement, every emotion. Truly breathtaking!!!!!!!
#20 dance
breath taking and beautiful

#19 Lost
Choreographer Extraordinaire!!!!!
#18 Just Beautiful
Andrea, your are truly talented and it's so uplifitng on what you you teach!!!!
#17 Breathtaking
absolutely breathtaking!!!
#16 Lost
Sensational ! So unique and inspiring.
#15 Lost: Andrea Viola

#14 Andrea Viola
Truly amazing!!!
#13 Lost by Andrea Viola
Absolutely Brilliant work from a brilliant choreographer and amazing dancers! Touches the soul
#12 Lost by Andrea
Love it, absolutely breath taking, amazing dancers and everyone is in sync. Great concept Andrea, all the best.
#11 Lost
Amazing choreography, moving permofance! Brilliant! Nellyadam at 2.30 PM on April 21, 2013
#10 Outstanding
This dance and choreography was truly outstanding.

#9 #lost
Exceptional work of #ART......expected nothing less......thumbs up to the choreographer:)
#8 Lost
Beautiful and inspiring
#7 Lost video Andrea Viola choreographer
Absolutely stunning performance. In sync with beautiful motion and fitting costumes. So moving !! Daniela
#6 Lost by Andrea, Art and Soul
Brilliant choreography, riveting in the way the dancers tell the story. Brought tears to my eyes, well done!
#5 Lost
Amzing choreography...amazing dancers! A true piece of art.

#4 Lost
What an incredible and moving performance! Kudos to this choreographer.
#3 #1 Lost
Very moving!!!!!
#2 Amazinnnng
#1 Lost
Brilliant :)
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