Music Box performed by Audrey Couch

Music Box performed at Headliners Dance Competition by 12 year old Audrey Couch where she won 1st overall and Jr Miss Headliner.

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Event: Dance Spirit Future Star of the Month
Category: Modern
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Overall rating: 4.7
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#21 sweet
i love the choreography and concept and you had great control :)
#20 cute!
I love the costume!
#19 good
u did a great job cool song great routine and technique.
#18 AND...
Yes, very very fun, great job! You have a very clever choreographer!
#17 Loved
This was so beautiful, i would love to learn how to do a dance like this it's so cute!!!

#16 wow
wow, you girly are great.
#15 Adorable
This is probably one of the cutest solos I have seen in my 17 years of dancing. It was extremely age appropriate but you carried yourself like a young lady. It was beautifully performed and you had great theatrical expressions. Great technique, you're a natural! Dont ever stop dancing!
#14 excelent
awsome if i ever do a solo i will concider that song you were great !!!! i dont like headliners competitions!!!!
#13 great
i loovveedd it you perform so well it crazy!!!love cherry
#12 Wow!
Girl you can dance!

#11 Go girl
You are very talented and I hope you make it all the way!! Good Luck Girlie!!
#10 Omg!
do really believe you are a dancer? watch that your sholders dont reach your ears on turns. nice song though.
#9 love the costume!
FANTASTIC - perfect for this dance! Great job dancer:)
#8 excellent
I love the choreography! Excellent job, especially for a 12-year-old!
#7 talented!
you are sooo talented!!

#6 adorable!
this was so cute i had to watch it a few more times. :) please post more videos it is really entertaining to wtach u dance. i loved it!!!
#5 WoW you have all the Moves!
I just love watching you dance Audrey your sheer poetry in motion I one day will say I knew you when......... Keep up the wonderful work!
#4 Beauty
I have seen this young lady dance at numerous events. She moves with such beauty and grace. Her love of the art is evident both on and off the stage. Her talent will take her to the top. Keep on dancing Audrey!!
#3 Gifted Dancer & Actress
Very entertaining - not your "run-of-the-mill" dances. Shows excellent technique. She must have started dancing as a toddler because she is very poised & talented for her age.
#2 Music in Motion
audrey has such fluid movements. I think she will become a star performer.

#1 Beautiful Fouetees!!
they look so effortless and awesome. really good expression and the really sharp movements are awesome. really good coreography, too!! if not already, you'll be a beautiful ballet dancer!!
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