Rachel Youmans - Dance Spirit 2009 Cover Model Search entrant

Rachel Youmans - 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search entrant

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: Behind The Scenes
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#16 rachel youman
hey rachel good dance but i dont think you are ready for the cover model search. you need to be together.being in a group is much harder than being in a solo. you need to work on staying together and to have some expression on you face keep on dancin
#15 Rachael Youmans
hey rachael this is the first time i have seen you dance your awesome. Good Luck!!
#14 racheal youman
great dancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#13 Modern? You were who?
You should have put this under the general catagory - this is a slow Jazz number with a little lyrical added - not Modern, not Lyrical. If you don't know what Modern is, what kind of teacher do you have? Which one were you?
#12 Rachael Youman
Way to go!

#11 Rachael Youman
Good Luck!
#10 RachaelYoumans
Great legs!!
#9 rachael youmans
Good Luck Rachael...thank you for being such a good role model for our girls!
#8 Rachel Youman
Rachel is a beautiful girl and more importantly a beautiful person. She works hard and is committed to whatever she's doing. She's also been a mentor and leader for my daughter. Good Luck Rachel! You GO GIRL!!
#7 Rachael Youmans

#6 Rachel Youman
Rachel is gorgeous and a beautiful, talented dancer. She has been a mentor and friend to all her friends and girls that dance with her.
#5 Rachael Youmans
A lovely young lady any mom would be proud to have as a role model for their young dancers. Beautiful!
#4 Rachael Youmans
You rock sweetheart!
#3 Rachael Youman
Rachael is a beautiful young woman and a role model for all young girls. We have thoroughly LOVED watching her grow into the gorgeous and talented dancer that she is today.
#2 Rachael Youman
Rachael is a gifted dancer and is such a joy to watch. This trio of talented girls is inspiring and entertaining.

#1 Rachael Youman
Rachael is stunning and a beautiful and inspiring dancer! Good luck!
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