In Memory Of

A Tribute to the late Whitney Houston. Choreographed by Cornelius Carter Music: "I Have Nothing" performed by Whitney Houston Dancers: Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre

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Overall rating: 4.9
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#5 #1
This video was really beautiful. They did am awesome job.
#4 Franchise
So THAT'S why they call him The Franchise!
#3 technical and emotional inspiration
Those sisters are so talented. The way they incorporate their technical ability and lines through the choreographic movement is stunning.
#2 Beautiful Tribute
The choreography and Dancers who performed this tribute is absolute beauty in motion !! The choreography is some of the best I have seen and every movement speaks to the person watching . The words of the song are read to the audience with every movement each Dancer performs . Superb Choreography so eloquently executed and performed by the utmost excellent Dancers !!! ROLL TIDE ROLL !!!!
#1 Tribute
Love this! Beautiful tribute!
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