"Step” is tenth in a series of podcasts by Flexicurve Dance Company in NYC. To subscribe or to view other film shorts, please surf to www.flexicurve.com and click on “Podcasts”. There is an ocean of fun footage waiting for YOU! “Step” was inspired by the Laurie Anderson poem “Walking & Falling”. The woman in the video is experiencing the poem first hand. She waits for a loved one, and as she paces back and forth by the steps of some stairs, while wondering about the sensation of walking and falling in love.

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Overall rating: 1.5
Votes: 2
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#2 Weird
That was sooooo WEIRD (in a bad way)... sorry, just bing honest
#1 Strange
I have to be honest...... that was the strangest thing I have ever seen. You can't really see anything.
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