Keara Blake and Kelsie Hendrix performing Hurt at Showstopper Nationals 2008. 4th overall teen duet/trio, choreography by Rebekah Meinert. This story is about a mother and daughter that have an abusive relationship and the daughter is trying to escape from the abuse of the mother.

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Overall rating: 4.5
Votes: 42
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#30 Intense
All of those tricks you did it looked painful but it was beautiful at the same time. I think you and your sister have amazing potential in the dance industry. You are amazing and I hope to see more work by you in the neer future!AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
#29 awesome
I LOVED the end :) Amazing choreography!
#28 wow
this dance is so touching amsome jobh girls
#27 wow
this is amazing kinda weird but amazing
#26 wow was very good

#25 Good job
I just watched this and loved it i thought u could have dont a little better but good job!I liked hurt but the other idk
#24 OMG
#23 hmm
very pretty :)
#22 OMG....
Absolutley amazing!!!! wow....INCREDIBLE!!!! U HAVE MY VOTE!!! =]
#21 OMG!
This is sooo good! Greaet job guys I love the beginning floor part!

#20 OMG
That was AMAZING!!!!!!!!
#19 OMG!!!!
Absoultly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See i can't even spell!
#18 OMG!!!!
Absoultly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See i can't even spell!
#17 OMG!!!!
Absoultly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See i can't even spell!
#16 choreography
the choreography...especially on the floor at the very beginning.. the dancers, of course, performed it very well also. as for the

#15 wow
hurt is amazing!!
#14 Fantastic
beatutifully done and with so much emotion
#13 Awesome as always
I always love to watch you two dance. It is an emotional experience. Your dancing comes from the heart.
#12 Beautiful
I absolutely loved this dance. Great job girls!
#11 thanks
thanks so much

#10 AMAZING...
This is the best emotion i've EVER seen in a lyrial duet!!! Great job Kelsie and Keara!!! :)
#9 Singer
The singer is Amy Lee (I think)she is the lead singer of Evanessence. The song is called "The Last Song I'm Wasting on You. Hope that helps.:)
#8 singer?
who sings this song and what is it called?
#7 who sings hurt?
i really like that song a lot! but i can't understand some of the lyrics, and i don't know who sings it.
#6 So Intense... That's a Good Thing
The choreography was so intense, in a good way. It grabbed my attention from the beginning. But, yes sorry there is a but, if the uploader wouldn't have said that the dance was about an abuse relationship between mother and daughter, I'm unsure if I would've picked up on that. Towards the middle when Keara started pushing Kelsie around, I got the picture... maybe the story should've started a little bit sooner. I loved this number, the lines, the extensions, and the meaning. Good luck!!

#5 WOW...
yall are sooo good i hope yall win the viedo contest :~]
#4 sick lines
you guys have amazing lines and extension
#3 awesome
#2 Speechless for sure
That was one of the best dances I have ever seen and I would just like to say good job to the choreographer and to the dancers who put in all the work to make that dance awesome!! You guys played the part of your characters very well, it was very believable. You have amazing strength and I hope you both continue to dance.
#1 video mistake
I just wanted to let everyone know I accidentally uploaded 2 videos instead of just the first one. My younger daughter is in the second one, but the first called Hurt is the entry into the contest. Thank you.
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