Gabrielle Dean - Butterfly Waltz

Gabrielle Dean is 13 years old. In this video she is performing "Butterfly Waltz" (11 months ago) choreographed by Kathy Meyer. Gabrielle's dream is to study with the Joffrey Ballet!

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#8 Gabrielle Dean Can Dance!
Gabrielle is the daughter of one of my longest bestest (yes, I know that's not a word)friends! What a treat to see her perform. Great things are in store for Ms. Dean! Bravo.
#7 Beautiful!!!!
Two words beauty and grace.
#6 Uh-mazing!!!!
Gabby is beautiful in this dance<3 Thats why shes mah best frand!!#5
#5 Stunning
#4 Butterfly dance
It was amazing! The beauty and graceful lines were inspiring!

#3 Butterfly Waltz
Amazing! Made me cry :)
#2 Butterfly Waltz
Extremely gifted and talented young lady! A truly valuable investment for the art world.
#1 Grace and beauty
Portrays the butterfly beautifully.
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