Tanisha Alexander - Dance Spirit 2008 Cover Model Search entrant

Tanisha Alexander - 2008 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search entrant

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#24 :D
#23 To Tanisha (UGGS)
You move so beautifully. Your the greatest. Awesome, and Im not just saying that, Im typing it. LOL. Keep it up.
#22 tanisha alexander
Shes Great
#21 Tanisha Alexander
Very artistic. Movement was very strong and fluent. Great job!
#20 still ballin'
hey Tanisha, I tried to vote but for some reason it wont let me you know u deserve a 10 but when I come back to the us we must chill you look amazing and keep it up... YOU SHOULD WIN

#19 ballinNitaly
still dancing I see
#18 Diana
Tanisha deserves to winnnn!!!
#17 dustyb
hey girl, I can't believe u were only 15 years old when u performed this dance girl u were amazing then and ur even better now stay in ballet and keep it up, ur going far.
#16 Tanisha
You have made me so proud. Love Dad
#15 tanisha alexander
very of luck in the competition. I hope everyone at the Ohio Dept of Insurance votes for you!!!

#14 Excellent! Breathtaking!
Great my dear are going places! Always strive for perfection!
#13 Tanisha Alexander
#12 Tanish Alexander
You really have talent. Always stay focused on your goals and you will go far. Keep up the great work. Uncle frankie
#11 Tanisha Alexander for Cover
Dear Tanisha, This is the best I've seen you so far. You are exquisite. God bless you! Miss Karen
#10 Tanisha Alexander
Great Job I am so proud of you. Love you!

#9 tanisha
Tbaby! You look stunning! Congrats on getting this far! I miss you tons and am so proud of you! Beautiful dance too :)
#8 beautiful
Beautiful as usual, Tanisha. Hmmmm...I love the choreography!
#7 Dance
Keep up great work.
#6 Very good
Keep up the great work.
#5 Tanisha Alexander
Absolutely manificent. Keep it up.

#4 tanisha alxandra
what a beautiful dance. perfect tec.
#3 tanisha alexandra
what talent tanisha has this was an amazing dance
#2 tanisha alxandra
this was an amazing dance, what skills and talent this girl has tanisha awesome job. great talent.
#1 tanisha alexander
Good job.
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