Ballad of The Obvious Child

Choreography, Costuming: Willow Chang Alléon Dance artist Willow Chang Alléon debuts her theatrical dance Ballad of the Obvious Child, for GLOBAL DANCE CAFÉ (8),October 6th, 2012. "Sonny sits by the window and thinks to himself How it's strange that some roots are like cages Sonny's yearbook from high school Is down on the shelf And he idle thumbs through the pages Some have died Some have fled from themselves Or struggled from here to get there Sonny wanders beyond his interior walls Runs his hands through his thinning brown hair I'm accustomed to a smoother ride Or maybe I'm a dog who's lost its bite I don't expect to be treated like a fool no more I don't expect to sleep the night Some people say a lie is just a lie But I say The cross is in the ballpark Why deny the obvious child?" The Ballad of the Obvious Child, continues Willow's performance tradition of moving meditation about reflection transition and release - the ultimate evolution. Her movements seamlessly fuse modern with world dance to create a unique dance experience- that somehow feels both familiar without being predictable. Prompted by a conversation with her brother, she immediately thought of this song, one she had heard thousands of times in nearly 20 years, and has always wanted to perform to. Performed at Honolulu's Still and Moving Center's Barefoot Ballroom, the open space lacks a proscenium stage, but the close proximity of the audience allows for great emotional intimacy. Willow strives to create a safe environment for all to experience the piece, and create their own journey aided by the alchemy of dance and music. This is both her intention and gift she wants to share. For more information, please visit GLOBAL DANCE CAFE: Debuting in 2008 at various venues around Honolulu, Global Dance Café creates a unique space for various dance artists, musicians & performers to share their craft, in an intimate & dynamic format! Balancing returning favorites & a cast of new additions, GDC is a greatly anticipated event-creative, spontaneous & memorable! OCT.6th, 2012- Featured Dance improvisation, Bollywood, beat-boxing, saidi Egyptian bellycane/Rakset Assaya, modern dance, Hawaiian hula Kahiko, breakdance, Capoeira, spoken word, Qi Gong and more! Family friendly, always unique~it's where tradition & innovation intersect! video: JC Alléon

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