Kira Seamon's DELILAH (Opera: Samson and Delilah's Bacchanale!)

Kira Seamon's choreography, dancing and costume/dvd design. Conceived in 2011, this was first performed in February of 2012. This GORGEOUS music from Camille Saint-Saens' opera "Samson and Delilah" is highly danceable!!!! The Bacchanale is usually performed by a large cast of dancers. To try to do justice to this over-the-top music, I took a thoughtful approach. In addition to a "Egyptian Hands" Theme, I did a "wrists crossed overhead" theme to symbolize Samson being bound to her. Samson tells her his secret which leads HIM to be bound (shackled) and forced to turn a large mill-wheel. I also added in a "scarf" theme, with 7 scarves draped around my costume, with one available to be taken off and danced with to add flair and dramatic intensity. I pondered Delilah's character and thought she must have been sneaky. But how to portray "sneaky" in ballet?...I thought to take off and draw one scarf slowly across my face to appear like Delilah is "plotting" or "up to something". (This movement can be seen right at the start of the video.) I also felt Delilah must have been in total control of herself, and to show that mastery, I choreographed a number of balances and sustained movements.

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