Abracadabra Arabesque (Sorcerer's Apprentice Music!) Special Award from the judges

Kira Seamon's choreography, costume design, dvd design and dancing. First conceived in 2010, Magic Spell #1 was first performed at the J. Everett Collins Center, Andover, MA. Magic Spell #2 was first performed in 2011 at the Providence Performing Arts Center, Providence, RI. There is a "Sparkle Edition" from minute 1-5 and for those who prefer ballet without sparkles, there is a "Classic Edition" from minute 5-end..."The Sorcerer's Apprentice music and In the Hall of the Mountain King"!!!! Two of my most favorite pieces of music. I am portraying a fortune teller with her crystal ball. The hand gestures I do are supposed to evoke a fortune teller waving her hands over a magic ball. That gesture was then shortened and quickened to very tiny movements to be performed right before I did the arabesques, hence the title: "Abracadabra Arabesque". I also translated the movements to a different plane of movement when I run backwards...Also continuing with this fortune telling "seeing the future" theme, I chose peacock feathers as my costume embellishments. Specifically, the part of the feather called the peacock "eyes". These decorated my bodice and I chose to wear them around my wrists to draw the eye to the "crystal ball hands". I also glued them to my hair clip, so I literally now had "eyes in the back of my head"! Thank you for watching!

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