Before We Are Gone

Choreographed by: Emma Portner Dancers: Keanu Uchida, Emma Portner, Dominic Prud'homme, Lauren O'neil, Amy Poirier, and Alyssa Bergeron. Exploring relationships and the diversity of people that come and go within our life time. Although at the time you may not understand why a specific person has come into your life, in the end your journey makes you who you are. Be open to love in whatever form it comes in, be present in your everyday life and enjoy simple moments before you are gone.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2012
Category: General
Keywords: emma portner keanu uchida james blake
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Overall rating: 4.8
Votes: 87
421 points


#25 Emma Porter
Amazing! New York deserves to see all this talent!
#24 Emma Portner
Emma is such a beautiful dancer and choreographer. Her ability to portray such incredible pieces of art on stage is out of this world. She is humble and focused. She deserves to win this award. Good luck Emma!
#23 Emma portner
This is very beautiful, you have my vote
#22 Emma Portner
Beautiful, gifted and humble young lady.
#21 Emma Portner
an amazing piece of art!

#20 Portner
Nice moves!
#19 Emma Portner
Outstanding choreography performed by amazing dancers! Bravo Emma and best of luck!!
#18 Emma Portner
Totally amazing in every way. ☺ It's FANTASTIC CHOREO & DANCE!!! ☺
#17 Emma Portner
It's been an honor to work with Emma and she deserves the best. Having her choreography exposed to others in a place like New york would let others appreciate it as much as myself and others that know her do. I hope she gets recognized for this and all of the hard work that she's put in for her dancing and choreography this year. Good luck!
#16 Before We Are Gone
So proud of the beautiful thoughtful work Emma has created and the adaptability and strength of all our dancers to do it justice. Best of Success!

#15 Emma Portner
#14 Emma Portner
Astounding dancers and beautiful choreography, perfect recipe for the perfect piece. Loooovee this!
#13 Emma Portner
Just amazing. So proud of all of you. I'm in complete awe. Such talented people. Gen
#12 Emmo Portner
Such a talented young choreographer to create such a fluid number. Good Luck!
#11 Emma Portner
Such an insane number and a really talented choreographer!!!

#10 Emma Portner
So incredibly proud of this focused and motivated group of young dancers. Such an inspiration and phenomenal example of mutual respect. You should ALL be proud of what you have created. Truly breathtaking- especially in real life.
#9 Emma Portner
A brilliant, artistic piece! So talented!
#8 Emma Potner
Great job !!!!!! and Grood luck !!!!
#7 Emma
Brilliance and beauty = Emma and this piece.
#6 Emma Portner
incredibly creative, innovative choreography!

#5 Before we are gone
I hope this dance wins this award. The dancers are phenomenal as is the choreographer and concept.
#4 Emma Portner
Brilliantly talented young lady!
#3 Emma Portner
#2 Emma Portner
#1 Emma Portner
An amazing dancer and choreographer!!!
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